Air Products licensed its proprietary cryogenic machining technology to Advanced Research Systems Inc. (ARS), Macungie, Pa., a manufacturer of industrial and research cryogenic equipment, including ARS’ globally renowned low-temperature cryostats. The technology license agreement gives ARS extensive rights to Air Products’ Icefly, which has been applied broadly to the machining of metals and polymer materials.

ARS will market the cryogen delivery equipment under a newly formed subsidiary called Industrial Cryogenic Technologies (ICT), a company that offers both Icefly and turnkey offerings to integrate the cryomachining solution. ARS will apply, offer and support the cryogenic machining technology in the machining marketplace, and Air Products can provide ARS customers liquid nitrogen supply.

Included in the agreement is the transfer of Icefly cryogen delivery equipment design information and cryogenic machining know-how developed by Air Products. Icefly cryogen delivery equipment can deliver either a consistent, saturated stream of liquid nitrogen for metals machining or a preset low-temperature gaseous nitrogen stream for polymer machining. When used for metals machining, the vaporization of liquid nitrogen at the cutting tool provides efficient cooling during the cutting operation. Benefits include enhanced tool life and increased cutting speeds and feeds, and the need for conventional coolants is eliminated. When used for polymer machining, the equipment can minimize or eliminate burrs on the work piece.