Innovations in Ammonia Refrigerant Monitoring,” a one-hour, no-cost webinar focuses on the technology behind Honeywell Analytics’ new high performing ammonia sensor. The webinar is available on demand for immediate viewing. 

Attendees will learn best practices and guidance on how to:

  • Increase the assurance and reliability of safety – “know you're safe.”
  • Respond more quickly to a gas release.
  • Protect personnel, processes and profitability.
  • Identify and address common installation challenges and calibrate gas monitoring devices.
  • Obtain up-to-date guidance on regulatory codes.
  • Decrease insurance and operational costs.
  • Improve the safety culture of a company.

To view the event, which is presented by Process Cooling and Honeywell Analytics, visit the registration page. Once registration is complete, the webinar is available for immediate viewing.