Mydax has developed and delivered three custom refrigeration chillers that utilize ultra-precision temperature control to Lyncean Technologies, Palo Alto, Calif., for a new local synchrotron X-ray source based on research at the SLAC National Laboratory and Stanford University. By using laser pulses to collide with accelerated electrons, the CLS X-ray generating source reduces the size of synchrotron equipment from tens of thousands of square feet to the size of a small conference room.

Temperature stability is critical for high power RF components such as accelerator structures, where even slight shifts due to temperature expansion or contraction can affect the performance of the overall device.

Auburn, Calif.-based Mydax designed and manufactured three chiller systems capable of providing up to 66 kW of cooling while holding the heat transfer fluid temperature to within ±0.05°C of setpoint. Two chillers were each composed of three independent recirculating loops. Two of these loops were capable of cooling or heating 2 kW at 68°F (20°C) while the third loop was capable of cooling or heating 4 kW at 20°C. All three loops had independent temperature setpoint functionality between 57 and 122°F (14 and 50°C) and maintained fluid temperatures to within ±0.05°C about setpoint.