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Another important factor in cooling tower selection is whether there are unique attributes that could require special equipment or a unique configuration to the system. If there are processes for multiple fluids or different temperatures of the process fluid, it is possible to use a single closed-circuit cooling tower to service both processes. A split coil configuration can meet these needs without requiring a second closed-circuit cooling tower. This can be a cost benefit that eliminates multiple cooling towers while maintaining the advantages of a closed loop system.

ASME coils can be supplied in closed-circuit cooling towers so that the benefits of a closed-loop system can be achieved while still meeting codes and standards. Additionally, options for incorporating upgraded coils when serving heavy-duty applications are available.

In some cases, it makes sense to open the loop for less critical applications and reserve the closed-loop system for the processes with the most critical operating conditions. This is especially relevant if the facility has both process cooling and comfort cooling needs. The HVAC loop may use an open cooling tower for supplying condenser water to the air handler, while the process loop utilizes a closed-circuit cooling tower to achieve the advantages where higher quality water is required.