An industrial refrigeration workshop planned for February 16-20, 2015, in Charlotte will help those involved with design/build, plant operations or refrigeration equipment manufacturing master key aspects of industrial refrigeration.

The one-week course is presented by two coordinators — Don Fenton of Kansas State University and Gary Wilson of the University of North Carolina-Charlotte — who provide the fundamentals while five experts from the industrial refrigeration field supply sessions on practical experience. A thread that runs through the course is the design of a fictional facility —an ammonia-carbon dioxide cascade system — which will become a refrigerated distribution center. Carbon dioxide is a low temperature natural refrigerant that is receiving intense attention by industrial refrigeration designers as a natural refrigerant.

Topics to be covered include refrigerant properties; one- and two-stage refrigeration cycles; load calculations; construction of refrigerated buildings; liquid recirculation systems; reciprocating and screw compressors; performance and selection of evaporator coils; condensers; energy conservation; vessel sizing; liquid pumps; pipe sizing; safety; and control of both halocarbon and ammonia systems.

The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration and Kansas State University sponsor the workshop. 

Register for the industrial refrigeration workshop here.