Manufacturers of industrial and commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems participated in a roundtable discussion to reduce greenhouse gases from hydrofluorocarbons, which was hosted by the White House on September 16. Executives from Danfoss and Johnson Controls joined more than 20 senior executives from equipment manufacturers, end users, refrigerant producers and industry associations to discuss voluntary commitments to reduce greenhouse gases from HFCs.

Though primarily used in air-conditioning and comfort cooling systems, the refrigerants also are used in some industrial-scale systems.

During the White House event, Danfoss announced its commitment to convening and facilitating an ongoing codes and standards task force, which will define a roadmap that will accelerate implementation of low-global warming potential refrigerants.

 At the same event, Johnson Controls committed to spend more than $50 million over the next three years to improve and expand its portfolio of products that use low-global warming potential refrigerants.