The design of the Series ORE/A eliminates traditional electrical limit switches, reversing motor, the second set of motor contactors, greasing of external threads and complicated controls. Gone are the troublesome components that often plagued electric automatic self-cleaning filters. The electrically driven automatic self-cleaning screen filters incorporate unique feature combinations. A motion controller converts the rotational movement of the dirt collector into an oscillating linear motion without changing the direction of rotation. Orival_IN

Self-adjusting nozzles without springs maintain gentle contact with the screen surface, maximizing the efficiency of the cleaning process while minimizing the volume of water sent to drain during each self-cleaning cycle. Twenty-nine models come in sizes from 2 to 24” and are able to handle flow rates up to 12,000 gal/min per filter. Available screen sizes range from 5 to 3000 µm with expanded screen areas up to 2,500 in2 (16,130 cm2). Installations range from pretreatment for SWRO desalination to WWTP effluent treatment for many reuse applications. The filters also can be found on cooling towers and in steel mills.

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