Each of the 32 Star LED heat sinks, which are RoHS compliant and designed for convection cooling of high heat flux LEDs, provides enhanced heat transfer for effective LED cooling without fans or blowers. Cooling performance reaches more than 60 K (ΔThs-ambient) at 50 W of power dissipation, depending on model. The heat sinks are made from lightweight aluminum in a round profile that fits common LED applications. They are available in lengths from 0.98 to 39.37” (25 to 1,000 mm) with a standard diameter of 1.77” (45 mm). ATS_IN

Cooling fins are arrayed in a round, star-like cross section that optimizes thermal performance in local airflow. A flat base at one end allows secure, direct mounting of LEDs, and integral threads on the base perimeter allow attachment of brackets and other hardware. An inner thread on most models allows convenient attachment of LED lens mounts. Each heat sink has a black anodized finish that provides corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and improved thermal performance. 

Advanced Thermal Solutions