Heat transfer fluids are tailored to the user’s specific application needs, grouped by low-temperature, glycols and higher temperature solutions. The company develops, manufactures and distributes industrial heat transfer fluids and coolants such as glycols (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, BioGlycol, solar glycol, Geoglycol) as well as other fluids (potassium formate, ctalcium chloride, hydrocarbon and silicone chemistries). Products include high performance industrial coolants and low temperature heat transfer fluids such as HC Series, MV and HF-LO.

The heat transfer fluids can operate down to -170°F 9-112°C) with Dynalene MV for ultra-low temperature cryogenic applications and up to 1,050°F (565°C) with the molten salt products for high temperature thermal storage. Selection of the best heat transfer fluid for an application is simplified with help from the company’s experts.