Factory-Assembled, Induced-Draft Cooling Tower Line

The company offers both custom-build field-erect and packaged cooling tower designs. These projects might entail replacing an existing inefficient or inoperable cooling tower, or adding capacity to a site to meet demand. Field-erect towers include counterflow or crossflow designs; fiberglass, wood or concrete structures; and single- or multiple-cell layouts. Packaged towers are factory assembled in single- or multiple-designs with counterflow or crossflow configuration. They can be constructed of stainless steel, galvanized or fiberglass.

American Cooling Tower

Engineered HDPE Cooling Towers Reduce Maintenance

TM Series induced-draft, counterflow models are available in single unit capacities from 250 to 2,000 cooling tons, and the plastic cooling towers can be clustered to provide much greater capacities. Suited for uses such as direct chill processes that include a continuous loop without heat exchangers, the high density polyethylene (HDPE) cooling towers serve as an effective alternative to the metal-clad cooling towers. In one direct chill process, after the cooling water leaves the spray system, it is re-cooled solely by means of a cooling tower. The only coolant involved is normal tap water with a small amount of corrosion inhibitor added plus a minor pH adjustment. The HDPE plastic fill can withstand high temperatures (160°F).

Delta Cooling Towers Inc.

Evaporative Cooling Tower Systems Have Stainless Steel Indoor Sump

Evaporative systems provide cooling below dry bulb ambient temperature. The systems cool by evaporating a small portion (approximately 1.5 percent of flow) of recirculating water. It maintains temperature to within 3°F of wet bulb ambient. Features include a stainless steel indoor sump for freeze protection; stainless steel or fiberglass cooling tower construction; high temperature fill; backup pumps; isolated plant water systems via heat exchanger or closed circuit evaporative tower; filtration; and cooling tower stands.

Dry Coolers Inc.

Redundant Process Chiller for Critical Applications

Microprocessor-driven, packaged chiller line, X2 is designed for critical applications where no downtime is allowed. The redundant process chiller’s design includes fully redundant refrigeration circuits, pump circuits and the ability to communicate with the customer’s building maintenance personnel and factory service representatives. Common applications include many medical processes.

American Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Counterflow Cooling Tower Allows Dry Operation in Cold Weather

Model PF2 induced draft, counterflow unit is designed for systems that benefit from dry operation in severe cold weather. The counterflow cooling tower offers the flexibility to operate in evaporative cooling mode to minimize energy usage or in dry mode for extreme winter conditions. The company’s SmartSpray technology optimizes spray coverage to fully wet the coil and provide up to 60 percent reduced pump energy over competitor units. It is suited for counterflow unit replacement or expansion projects.

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