A number of innovations and changes in the industry are offering the possibility of extending the 10- to 20-year life expectancy of cooling towers by another 15 to 20 years, says a maker of thermoplastic cooling towers.

The degradation of a cooling tower is caused by environmental factors and chemicals required in the recirculating water. Both can cause buildup over time, blocking the tower and diminishing the efficacy of the cooling system. Because of this, companies regularly tear down and rebuild to prevent decreased production.

Among the options to avoid this are corrosion-proof thermoplastic cooling towers that suffer less damage from harsh environments or water quality as well as the refurbishing or upgrading of cooling towers. According to Delta Cooling Towers Inc., these two approaches could help companies to meet factory specifications for another 15 to 20 years beyond original estimations.

Cooling tower updates offer a number of advantages to companies building new cooling systems or looking for ways to improve their current cooling towers, says Delta. For companies building new systems, they can start out with advanced cooling towers that work better than older models and last longer due to newer construction materials.