Bitzer has started construction of an international training center, the Schaufler Academy, at its Rottenburg-Ergenzingen location in Germany. Scheduled to be completed in October, the building also will house the main reception area and entrance for the entire facility. Once complete, it will play host to concurrent training courses with both traditional classroom and practical training rooms.BitzerTrainingCenter_IN

The new facility is a showcase for innovative uses of energy, including heat pumps for heating and cooling, underground latent storage (ice storage), the solar thermal collector and the block-type thermal power station.

In other company news, Bitzer relaunched its website with a mobile-responsive design and an improved product area. Site visitors now can search for products via the technology or application. Online software tools make it possible to simulate operating conditions specific to any application and thus identify, for instance, the correct refrigerant and the optimal maximum allowable pressure.