Innovations in condensing equipment and technology are needed to reduce makeup water use and keep the market strong for evaporative cooling, the most energy efficient method of heat rejection.

Introduced by Evapco, the eco-ATC evaporative condenser has Ellipti-fin heat transfer coil technology. The elliptical tubes with extended surface fins increase the heat rejection capability in both wet and dry operation over the typical evaporative condenser that uses a bare tube coil. The results are a smaller unit or less fan power consumption and warmer switchover temperatures to dry operation.

Alternatively, with the same plan area and fan power, the eco-ATC will reject more heat or produce lower condensing temperatures with the same heat load. Replacing a conventional bare-tube coil with an Ellipti-fin coil may assist end-users looking to expand a facility or to reduce operating power costs through system energy savings while still reducing water consumption.

As a conservative estimate of compressor power savings, a 1°F reduction in condensing temperature results in a 1 percent reduction in power consumed. This compressor power savings is another benefit of an evaporative-cooled system, and one that air cooled systems cannot achieve so easily.

Evapco also plans the ATC-DC hybrid evaporative condenser. It includes the Arid-fin Pak dry condenser coil located in the discharge airstream combined with the Ellipti-fin coil from the eco-ATC product line. The ATC-DC is engineered for efficient dry performance and significant water savings. It also provides the same advantages of an evaporative condenser when running in wet mode during warmer summer time conditions lowering the condensing temperature and reducing the power consumption of the entire system.


Conserving Water and Energy with Hybrid Condensing Technologies