By integrating the core ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technologies as part of a single solution, the skid-mounted combination tertiary treatment package offers users several process benefits.

They include:

  • Clear operator access for maintenance. The skid is designed to allow operators clear access to membranes, cartridge filters, pumps, valves and sensors for easy scheduled maintenance.
  • Reduced equipment footprint. The integrated UF/RO system with a single tank for clean-in-place (CIP), back-pulse and break provides a smaller footprint compared to using traditional UF, RO and tank skids.
  • A potential reduction in installation costs. According to GE, the cost to install the RePAK is reduced compared to traditional UF and RO systems because of a reduction in interconnecting piping, pre-engineered skid footprints and connection points, and a pre-integrated control package.
  • Spiral-wound membranes. With more than 40 years' experience in making flat sheet membrane modules, GE manufactures membranes with an average rejection of 99.0 to 99.5 percent of salts for high quality product water. RePAK uses GE’s low-fouling membranes to handle the more turbid feedwater conditions.
  • One integrated control system. With a full suite of monitoring capabilities, the central PLC control offers full monitoring instrumentation and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Depth filters for superior membrane protection. The patented filters’ pure polypropylene construction ensures consistent results, says GE, trapping particles throughout its depth.
  • UF integrity test. Clear PVC tubing at each ZeeWeed 1500 module allows for visual verification of the automated integrity test and discrete identification of specific fiber breakage within a module via a bubble test.
  • Proprietary UF modules. Low fouling PVDF membrane chemistry requires less frequent and less aggressive cleaning, outside-in filtration process providing uniform low distribution and solids loading with no block fibers, UF barrier to produce high-quality effluent and high-solids tolerance capable of handling high turbidity spikes and coagulant doses.
  • Robust frame. The Seismic Zone 4-designed frame has lifting lugs and anti-torque supports for frame integrity.
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