Though much of the 2015 ASHRAE Handbook—HVAC Applications focuses on commercial and residential cooling equipment and technologies, the manual also includes updates on industrial-scale water treatment. The newly published volume comprises more than 60 chapters. Main sections cover comfort, industrial, energy-related and general applications as well as building operations and management.

Industrial updates include:

  • Water Treatment (Chapter 49) has major revisions on corrosion, deposition, microbiological growth and control, filtration and closed-loop systems, alternative water sources, Legionnaires’ disease, thermal storage and steam boiler systems.
  • Data Centers and Telecommunication Facilities (Chapter 19) was  rewritten for current best practices as covered in the books of the ASHRAE Datacom Series.
  • Geothermal Energy (Chapter 34) contains new content and examples on ground-coupled heat pump systems design, hybrid ground-source heat pumps, piping, pressure considerations, purging, deep boreholes, central plants, open-loop/surface-water direct cooling, and simulation.
  • Clean Spaces (Chapter 18), has extensive new content on demand control, computational fluid dynamics analysis, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, safety, environmental systems, installation and testing, and sustainability and energy conservation.

The volume is being published in a bound print volume; electronic format on a CD; and online, in two editions: one using inch-pound (I-P) units of measurement, the other using the International System of Units (SI). To order, contact ASHRAE at 800-527-4723 or visit