Scale and debris in cooling tower fill decreases efficiency, drives up energy costs and increases potential health risks — but there is a solution. Routine maintenance helps to optimize a cooling tower’s performance and a new product makes it easier than before. The TFC-200 Tower Fill Cleaner System from Goodway is a complete all-in-one system for cleaning your cooling tower. It works to remove built-up scale and dirt, increase water flow and slow dangerous biological build-up that can cause Legionella outbreaks and more. It is simple to use, compact and easy to transport.

The TFC-200 works with Goodway’s ScaleBreak-Gel to dissolve calcium lime scale deposits. After an initial rinsing, apply the ScaleBreak Gel cleaner and turn the cleaning system on high volume mode, using the powerful spray gun to rinse. The TFC-200 includes additional tools, such as wand extensions and nozzles, to help reach all areas of the cooling tower fill.

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