GEA Searle Systems, part of the GEA Heat Exchangers Group, has opened a new research and development laboratory. State-of-the-art testing equipment is expected to help the staff at GEA Heat Exchangers provide controlled conditions for essential research development.

Located in Fareham, United Kingdom, the laboratory was built after a fire damaged one end of the whole complex, which also contained the paint shop, coil-coating processes and assembly areas. Work was immediately started to rebuild the section of the factory that had been damaged.

The facility was restored to full operation during the summer. Testing equipment includes an airflow test rig, inner calorimeter room, environmental test chamber, and smaller airflow test chamber to enable testing of heat transfer coefficients. A hot-water system for testing GEA Searle dry coolers and a refrigeration pack for testing GEA Searle coolers and condensers are included.

In addition to a R507 refrigeration pack, a transcritical CO2 refrigeration plant will be part of the new facility.