The eJPX line of industrial centrifugal separators implements third-generation technology that delivers unprecedented solids-separation efficiency. The centrifugal separators deliver up to 98 percent removal of 44 micron (325 mesh) and larger solids. The performance of each model size is verified by an independent third-party testing facility.

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SmartPurge, a smart separator purge system, determines the optimum time to purge the eJPX. The two combine to create a low maintenance solution that helps to maintain design efficiencies of all components in a process cooling system.

The SmartPurge sensor detects the solids level within the industrial separator and activates an automated purge valve when needed. This leads to more efficient purge cycles, reduced water loss and reduced system downtime.

As with all centrifugal separators from the company, the eJPX does not have any moving parts or filters to replace. Other features are a low and steady pressure drop and minimal water loss. Available in vertical and low profile configurations, the separators can be provided in ANSI, DIN and JIS flanged options.

The eJPX separators and SmartPurge System are available through the company’s network of distributors.

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