Toronto-based Berg Chilling Systems Inc. reports that its hybrid chiller, which combines a chiller and an air-blast fluid cooler, provided water and energy savings for a plastics facility in Quebec.

The plastics processor’s initial requirement called for most of the load to be chilled-water cooling because the temperature had to be held between 45 and 77°F (7 and 25°C). After review, Berg suggested that most of the load could successfully operate at higher supply temperatures. The customer approached the process equipment supplier with this idea, and after a few small modifications, it was implemented.

According to Berg, the change resulted in the majority of the load being satisfied with ambient-produced free cooling rather than high-horsepower mechanical cooling. This resulted in only 22 percent of the load requiring a chiller supplying mechanical cooling at 45°F (7°C), while the balance could be satisfied with cooling at 86 to 95°F (30 to 35°C).