Home to a proud brewing and manufacturing heritage, Milwaukee plays host to the annual conference and exposition of the Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association. Planned for September 29 to October 2, the annual meeting includes an extensive conference program, exhibits, networking events, social activities and the opportunity to study and sit for RETA certification exams.

RETA’s National Conference program consists of eight hands-on training workshops, 12 manufacturer-specific training workshops; 18 educational infomercials and 25 technical white papers presentations.

Hands-On Experience. Eight special programs are designed to walk attendees through actual procedures, situations and equipment. Session topics include a valves overview, oil draining, adjusting a dual-back pressure regulator, liquid transfer systems, dealing with liquid feed line breaks, replacing relief valves and using personal protective equipment in the engine room.

Technical Paper Sessions. The technical paper presentations are organized into four general tracks: operators/technicians, engineering/code, PSM/PMP and management. Topics include building air infiltration, thermal performance, ammonia lubricants, electrical maintenance, maintaining evaporators, cleaning anhydrous ammonia, responding to an ammonia emergency, three-year compliance audits, commissioning new and existing facilities, temperature tolerances for carbon dioxide systems and mechanical integrity inspections. The complete 2015 RETA conference lineup can be found here.

Other Highlights. Among other highlights of the technical conference, nine compressor makers will host manufacturer-specific workshops. Hot point sessions will look at topics such as refrigeration controls, condenser materials, predictive maintenance, mechanical integrity, emergency response, ammonia leak detection and rooftop pipe supports.

Also, immediately preceding the conference, RETA will host two separate, two-day courses that can help attendees prep for specific RETA certification exams (CIRO, CARO or CRES).

Downtown Milwaukee’s Oktoberfest takes place the weekend immediately following the RETA conference. For those looking to experience some of Milwaukee’s brewing history, consider staying an extra night or two and enjoy the festivities. For details and tickets, visit www.mkeoktoberfest.com.

For more information or to register for the RETA National Conference, call 844-801-3711 or visit www.reta.com.

Products on Display at the 2015 RETA National Conference

Model E12-15 Infrared Ammonia Gas Sensor/Transmitter

ATI’s new high range IR NH3 gas detector is available for the following ranges: 0 to 1 percent, 2 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent and 15 percent. It outputs a 4 to 20 mA analog signal over these ranges. The sensor is CSA approved for Class 1, Division 1, Groups B, C, D and T5 applications. Visit RETA Booth 441. 

Analytical Technology

Prevent Stem Seal Leakage

Armstrong International’s refrigeration valves offer a patented stem packing and back seat design that prevents leakage and improves the life of stem seals. They are specifically designed for use in industrial ammonia and large commercial halocarbon refrigeration systems, dual stem sealing, non-metallic main valve and back seating, and are in stock for immediate delivery. Visit RETA Booth 233.

Armstrong International

Compressor Packages for Industrial Refrigeration

Visit Bitzer’s booth at RETA for literature on Bitzer’s NH3 booster compressors. Available as single compressors for small applications or on Bitzer’s new “multiple compressor” ammonia packages. These multiple systems offer the highest efficiency and built-in redundancy. Visit RETA Booth 303 & 305.

Bitzer US Inc.

Ammonia Gas Detectors for Harsh Environments

Designed food-industry tough, the company's ammonia sensors were designed specifically for harsh applications in the food processing and cold storage industry. Stop by our booth and check out our new product lineup for 2016. Visit RETA Booth 218.

Calibration Technologies Inc.

Heat Transfer Solutions for Industrial Refrigeration

Since 1971, Colmac Coil has provided customers worldwide with innovative heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions for industrial refrigeration, HVAC, power generation and gas compression applications. The company builds heating and cooling coils, refrigeration air coolers and blast freezers, air-cooled fluid coolers and condensers, and heat pipes for heat recovery. Visit RETA Booth 109.

Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

Industrial Refrigeration Solutions for You

Whatever your industry, Danfoss Industrial delivers customer-driven innovations based on deep industrial refrigeration industry knowledge and face-to-face local service. Products include line components, mechanical and electronic controls, and variable speed drives. The award-winning Flexline valve station offers single weld-in housing for motorized, solenoid and control valves. Visit RETA Booth 243.

Fax 410-931-8256

Prevent Heat Losses with Closed-Cell Insulation

Extol a leading fabricator of closed cellular insulation for process and refrigeration systems, offering an extensive line of insulation covers to custom fit, valves, tanks, pipes fittings, ducts, etc. All insulation products are fabricated from extruded polystryene (XPS), polyisocyanurate, cellular glass and mineral wool plus vapor and weather barriers. Visit RETA Booth 412

Extol of Ohio Inc.

Energy Management System for Industrial Refrigeration

The Quantum HD unity system controller unifies multiple controllers into one display — allowing the user to quickly and easily navigate from evaporator control to engine room control to condenser/vessel control. Incorporating best refrigeration control practices with proven software and hardware, Quantum HD unity is your energy management solution. Visit RETA Booth 345

Frick by Johnson Controls
Fax 717-762-1305

Pipe Insulation for Industrial Refrigeration

Owens Corning Foamular extruded polystyrene (XPS) pipe insulation is the right solution for cold temperature insulation. Excellent thermal, moisture and compressive properties combined with quality fabricators, makes choosing Foamular XPS an easy decision. Owens Corning has the quality, technical support and service needed to meet the challenges of the low temperature market. Visit RETA Booth 143

Owens Corning

Air Handlers for Industrial Refrigeration

Critical process and hygienic air handlers and drip-resistant stainless air diffusers are perfect for industrial refrigeration applications. Part of a food production facility’s HAACP plan, our units provide air filtering, cooling, dehumidification, condensation control, outside air, room pressurization and heated air for room wash-down shifts. Quick ship lead times. Visit RETA Booth 440

Phoenix Air Systems
Fax 507-451-9185

Weather, Vapor Barrier Systems Keep Pipes, Ducts Dry

For over 50 years, Polyguard has offered weather and vapor barrier systems to keep pipe and duct insulation dry. We also offer a unique ReactiveGel coating to stop corrosion under insulation (CUI). Polyguard RG2400 has been specified on ammonia refrigeration systems by many of the leading food manufacturing companies in North America to stop corrosion under insulation and keep existing facilities operating with little downtime. Visit RETA Booth 119 and 121

Polyguard Products