Previously only paper format, the International Dictionary of Refrigeration is now accessible online for members of the Paris-based International Institute of Refrigeration.

The dictionary is published in 11 languages: English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian and Russian). IIR members can access the online tool and find definitions of scientific and technical terms in English and French. Users identify a term in the language of choice and find corresponding translations in 10 other languages. More than 4,300 terms are defined in all, or nearly 43,800 when all languages are counted.

The dictionary covers all areas of refrigeration: basic principles (thermodynamics, transfer of heat and mass, etc.); production of refrigeration (refrigerated systems, refrigerants, etc.); refrigerated installations; methods of chilling, refrigeration and freezing; storage, transport and distribution; refrigeration applications for perishable products and the agro-food industry; air conditioning; heat pumps; cryogenics and environment.