Orange pipe markers meet the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) Bulletin 114 modified color scheme. Orange was adopted by IIAR for ammonia markets instead of yellow because it meets the ANSI A13.1 (2007) revised standard for “toxic and corrosive” fluids.

Milwaukee-based Brady added the orange pipe markers line to help facilities comply with the modified color code. The company will continue to offer yellow pipe markers for established facilities that need replacements as well as the primary color identification for “flammable” fluids.

“Creating a uniform method of pipe identification — as IIAR Bulletin 114 supports — helps to establish safer and more efficient work environments throughout the industry,” says Tom Smith, product marketing manager for Brady. “Brady’s IIAR-compliant pipe markers can help improve safety in ammonia plants by offering proper pipe identification.”

The new markers duplicate the existing yellow IIAR markers. They are offered in wrap-around, high visibility and self-adhesive styles.