Intended for temperature monitoring and control in industrial applications, thermocouple and RTD assemblies can be used in reactors, heat exchangers and LNG vessels. Terminal blocks and connection heads accommodate direct wiring or transmitters. Offered with a choice of process connections, stem diameters, lag extensions and thermowells, the thermocouple and RTD assemblies can be configured to satisfy the industrial installation.  The company’s AT20 thermocouple provides a reliable method for monitoring and controlling temperature. It is designed to be used in conjunction with ISA-ds 49 style thermowells. The AT30 skin-type thermocouple can be used for monitoring process temperature without the use of a thermowell. Skin-type sensors measure the temperature of a surface that the process media is in contact with without ever coming in contact the media. This sensor suited for applications were the sensor or thermowell cannot come in contact with the process media.

Ashcroft Inc.