Water Cooling System for Hydraulic Oil Press Cooling

Using TowerShed allows facilities to preserve shop floor space for production equipment. Installed outside, the evaporative cooling tower serves as an outdoor mechanical room, securing the cooling system in a weather-resistant enclosure. Each enclosure includes engineered structure to support the tower; removable galvanized exterior panels with 1” wall insulation; two 120 V cage lights with switch; steel door with lock and keyset; and electric heater to prevent freezing. The pump station includes one process pump, diverting valve, stainless steel tank, makeup water valve, overflow, bleed line, piping with valves, gauges and control panel.
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Cottonwood Filter Screens for Cooling Towers, Air Cooled Chillers

Cottonwood filter screens eliminate clogging of fill and strainers as well as sludge buildup in cooling towers. Less contamination means facilities can avoid cleaning solvents and power washing of chiller or condenser coils. Facilities can save annually in energy, downtime, lost productivity and maintenance costs. Compatible with all mechanical equipment brands, the air-intake filter screens are offered in 10 styles.
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Compact Cooling Tower Technology Saves Energy

Induced draft, counterflow cooling tower is offered in single-unit capacities from 250 to 2,000 cooling tons. Series TM has a modular cooling tower design that allows isolation of cells for operational flexibility. Standard features include a seamless, double-wall, engineered plastic (HDPE) shell; corrosionproof construction; direct-drive fan system; totally enclosed motors rated for use with variable-frequency drives (VFDs); PVC water distribution system with non-clog large orifice removable nozzles; and high efficiency PVC fill. The structural shell is capable of withstanding water temperatures up to 160°F (71°C) on a continual basis. Delta Cooling Towers • 973-586-2201 • www.deltacooling.com


Cooling Tower Has Direct-Drive, Variable-Speed Fan System

A direct-drive, variable-speed solution is part of the design of a new cooling tower. The Series 3000 with an EnduraDrive fan system reportedly provides reliability and energy savings with low maintenance costs. According to the manufacturer, the fan system offers a 10 percent reduction in energy costs and a 90 percent reduction in maintenance costs compared to a gear-drive system, with 100 percent reliability on the transmission system. The fan-system-equipped cooling towers are available with capacities from 171 to 1,446 nominal tons in a single cell with up to 4,500 gal/min for process applications. Multiple-cell units also are available.
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Cooling Tower Performance Upgrades

Marley NC 8400 is a factory-assembled, crossflow evaporative cooling system with increased efficiencies and a reduced footprint. Performance enhancements to the cooling tower contribute to greater cooling and energy efficiencies, validated acoustic measurement and operational reliability. Features include gains in single-cell cooling capacity and ASHRAE 90.1 performance. Sound data is independently validated by CTI-licensed test agents. Enhanced vibration protection helps ensure smooth startup and component stability. Cold-water basin-inlet covers block sunlight and debris.
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