Dynalene Inc. is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer fluids and coolants including glycols (propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, solar glycol, GeoGlycol, and BioGlycol) as well as other fluid chemistries such as potassium formate, hydrocarbons, and silicone oils.  Dynalene’s line of glycols is designed to offer the best performance and corrosion inhibition for any application where glycol is used.  They can also be customized for a specific application. For example, properties including color, pH, concentration, and inhibitor type can be adjusted to fit the process and maximize system efficiency. 

Dynalene also specializes in low temperature high performance coolants such as Dynalene HC. This fluid is one of the most efficient heat transfer fluids on the market and is designed to operate at a much lower temperature than glycols due to its lower viscosity. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical applications due to its safety attributes such as non-toxicity, non-flammability and non-hazardous nature. A food safe variant of this fluid (Dynalene HC-FG) is certified for incidental food contact (HT1 approval). Dynalene MV (-170°F to 325°F) and Dynaene HF-LO (-100°F to 400°F) are other low temperature heat transfer fluids offered by Dynalene.


Dynalene Inc.