Let Technifab Products design, manufacture, install and service a liquid transfer system for your cryogenic application.  We are specialists in cryogenic fluid transfer, control and storage systems.

Our system component products include:

Techniguard Stainless Steel Rigid and Bendable Vacuum Jacketed Pipe is a low heat leak, high performance vacuum insulated pipe designed to transfer cryogenic liquids such as liquid nitrogen. It is manufactured in easy-to-assemble sections using bayonet connections.  Vacuum jacketed pipe is safe to touch and reduces frost formation and condensation improving on site safety. ASME and Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) certification available.

Techflex Vacuum Insulated Hoses:  Durable, efficient, and maintenance-free, Techflex transfer hoses deliver liquid quicker. The outer surface remains at room temperature and is safe to the touch with bare hands. Standard hoses are stocked for quick shipment. Customizable configurations are also available. 

Techflow Cryogenic Vacuum Jacketed Valves, engineered for minimal losses, offer solid closure at cryogenic temperatures.  All pipe valves are ASME code compliant. Non-vacuum jacketed valve also available.

Custom cryogenic equipment, Custom Dewars, Phase Separators, Tank Switchers, and Injectors are all available to aid in fluid control.

All are manufactured to insure the highest quality with an industry leading warranty.


Technifab Products