The Trident GS Series Central Chillers integrate advanced technologies with proven component designs to offer a capable and innovative process chilling solution. The state of the art controls provide intuitive control structures either locally on an integrated HMI or remotely through a remote connection on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer. Individual circuit capabilities range from 50 tons to 120 tons of cooling capacity and have the ability to be paralleled with up to five more circuits for maximum scalability and 100% effective redundancy.  For a 300 ton installation, three 100 ton modular systems installed in a master/drone configuration can ensure greater efficiency at lower production loads and allow for 100% effective redundancy with the addition of one more 100 ton module. Instead of purchasing a full 300 ton chiller as a back-up in case of failure or disruption, a much lower cost 100 ton chiller can provide all of the redundancy necessary to ensure continued operations.