Two U.S. patents awarded recognize advances in water treatment technologies by one Pennsylvania company.

Timothy Keister, chief chemist and president at ProChemTech International Inc., Brockway, Pa., was awarded U.S. patent 9,221,697 for Co-treatment of Marcellus and Acid Mine Drainage Wastewaters and U.S. patent 9,227,864 for Method for Operation of Cooling Towers at Increased Cycles of Concentration.   

Patent 9,221,697 discloses a method of treating Marcellus gas-well-production wastewaters by mixing it with sulfate-containing acidic mine-drainage wastewater to chemically remove toxic barium as well as iron, manganese, suspended solids and radium. The method produces clean water for reuse as hydrofracture makeup water.

Patent 9,227,864 discloses an operating equation and chemical composition that permits cooling towers to be operated at two cycles of concentration higher than previous technologies. This technology will be of value in water-short areas such as Arizona, California and Nevada.

Keister is a certified water technologist and fellow of the American Institute of Chemists.