Need effective cooling and air movement in your process? Our Product Roundup shows some of the options available.

Multi-Wing America Inc.

Fan Delivers High Efficiency, Low Noise, High Air Volume

Airfoil fans suited for nearly any air-moving application. The airfoil profile’s twisted blade creates a broad operating range. Low power consumption saves horsepower while reducing noise. Custom-engineered impellers are offered in five blade materials. Applications include refrigeration, evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers and cooling towers.

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Hunter Industrial, Hunter Fan Co.

High Volume, Low Speed Fan for Industrial Cooling

Titan industrial fan is supplied in five sizes ranging from 14 to 24' blade spans. The direct-drive electronically commuted motor allows for an efficient, lightweight product, says the company. Other features include “lubricated for life” bearings and a touchscreen interface that allows users to integrate the unit with a building-management system through industry-standard protocols.

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WingFan LP

Blade Extensions for Axial Fans and Fan Drives

BLEX blade extensions are made from a durable nylon textile. The flexible fabric is designed to adapt the fan diameter to the contour of the shroud, thereby reducing the clearance to ZeroTip. The flexible material produces a 2 to 3 dB(A) noise reduction. The same airflow rate can be achieved while reducing pitch angle and fan speed, thus lowering power consumption.

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Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.

Fiberglass Panel Fans

Model FADP provide aerodynamic performance in a direct-drive design. The fiberglass panel fan is suited for corrosive environments or contaminated airstream applications. The wall box with mounting flange is constructed of UV-inhibited Hetron 99 P polyester resin with Class I flame spread of 25 or less. The fan has an FRP airfoil axial impeller with a factory-set blade pitch for precise performance matching. The panel fan line is offered in diameters from 12 through 60" with capacities ranging to 50,000 cfm.


Glocon Inc., Swifter Fans Div.

Size a Cooling Tower Fan Using Online Tool

Fan selection program is intended to help prospective users find an industrial fan suitable for an application. Swifter CTX Series is suited for cooling towers, air-cooled heat exchangers, chillers, condensers and evaporators. Fan sizes in the industrial axial fiberglass fan line range from 5 to 40’ diameter in four- to 16-bladed configurations. The fan blades are molded into a single-piece contiguous composite blade consisting of an outer fiberglass shell with an inner, high density polyurethane foam core.