A cold storage solution that uses the A biomass-powered Thermochiller has found another home in the Philippines as another cold storage facility selected the technology from Energy Concepts, Anapolis, Md.

The cold storage warehouse has nine rooms with a total of 4,500 pallet positions. The cold is delivered to each room by two fan coils containing dilute aqueous ammonia, which has low pumping power and good thermal properties. The aqueous ammonia in turn is chilled by the 80-ton Thermochiller.

The Model TC80 ammonia absorption refrigeration unit is powered by a rice-husk- fired boiler. When the rooms are set at 5°F (-15°C), the boiler supplies 4 bar steam to the TC80 to provide -9°F (-23°C) at the evaporator. When the rooms are required to be at -13°F (-25°C), the boiler pressure is increased to 8 bar, for an evaporator temperature of -25.6°F (-32°C).

This cold storage installation provides the ultimate in sustainability. One bag of rice husks, called IPA, keeps one room cold for one hour. The electric savings for all nine rooms is more 150 kW on a daily basis, says Energy Concepts. The ammonia charge in the TC80 is 2 kg per ton. Because the IPA is a byproduct of growing and producing rice, there is no net CO2 emission.