Qatar Engineering & Construction Co. contracted Veolia to engineer, procure and deliver a wastewater treatment plant for Dolphin Energy's natural gas production and processing facilities in Ras Laffan, Qatar.

The plant will provide quality water for reuse, reducing both the volume of wastewater currently being injected into the existing re-injection wells at the Ras Laffan gas plant and the volume of desalinated water purchased from external sources. Kinetic hydrate inhibitor (KHI) polymers also will be eliminated from the residual wastewater. Startup is scheduled for September 2017.

Industry regulators in Qatar have concluded that the presence of KHI polymers in the injected wastewater leads to long term reservoir damage. Veolia was awarded a contract in 2015 for its HPD evaporators, which will be used for KHI removal and distillate recovery. With this new contract, Veolia will also provide a pretreatment package upstream of the evaporators using its MPP tilted plate flotation technology.

According to Veolia, the Dolphin Energy project is one of the largest cross-border energy ventures in the Middle East. The goal is to provide natural gas from Qatar through a pipeline to meet the United Arab Emirates’ energy needs. Qatar, Oman and the UAE are all involved.