Goodway tube cleaners

Since 1966, Goodway Technologies has been developing market-leading solutions for HVAC maintenance. While our business was founded on building the best boiler tube cleaners on the planet, chiller tube cleaning was quickly added as a core product line.

In 2016, Goodway tube cleaners are used to increase chiller efficiency in the largest commercial and industrial markets in over 180 countries. Our constant innovation cycle has produced tube cleaners featuring speed-feed mechanisms, quick-connect shafts and brushes and variable brush speed options. Today, our innovation continues with the RAM-PRO-XL. This chiller tube cleaning system combines — in one machine —  mechanical tube cleaning technology and TubeGuard, a tablet-based cleaning system that cleans bio-based deposits better and leaves tubes protected against oxidation and corrosion. The result? More thorough cleaning of deposits from tubes, protection against immediate corrosion after cleaning and a more efficient and consistent heat transfer through your tubes. Naturally, it’s from Goodway.

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