The ICF Flexline line of valves employs a single valve housing that can be fitted with different functional inserts to tailor the function needed in an application into one valve. This allows the number of welds in a refrigeration system — and the related risk of leaks — to be reduced. The valve line was expanded to include a DN 50 valve with four modules and a DN 65 valve with three modules. Both are prefitted with an SVA-S stop valve in the first of its modules. In the central module, one of three regulation valves from the line can be fitted: The ICS servo-operated valve, the ICM motor valve or the ICLX two-step solenoid valve. The fourth module port can accommodate a second stop valve or a regulation valve. Side ports on the valves allow for direct connection of a defrost drain line and for service and measurements.

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration