In the manufacturing sector, says the Hydraulic Institute, pumps represent 27 percent of the electricity used by industrial systems.  As pumping systems represent the highest energy use (across all industrial sectors), they also represent the greatest potential to save energy and reduce maintenance related expenses.

An online pump systems assessment (PSA) certificate program seeks to educate industrial pump users on the processes needed to conduct pumping system audits.  The self-paced course identifies energy-efficiency optimization opportunities in industrial systems.

Among the topics covered are hydraulic systems behavior, understanding the interaction of pumps and system components. The course outlines methods to collect, measure, analyze, document and manage conclusions in a PSA process. In particular, it focuses on the fundamentals of rotodynamic and positive-displacement pumps.

The online PSA program with integrated module testing is suited for those working in energy-management and power generation as well as those who operate and maintain any pumping system. Learn more at