Star Technical Solutions consultants took industry stakeholders on a technical tour to examine an ammonia refrigeration plant installed at one of Brakes Brother’s largest food distribution centers in Newhouse, Scotland.

The company, which developed three distribution centers across the United Kingdom over the past four years, opted to invest in refrigeration systems that combined safety with high efficiency. The resulting low charge ammonia refrigeration plant combined a cold and a chill store with a required cooling load of 395 kW and 664 kW, respectively.

Brakes system of choice for both the cold and chill stores was based on a pumpless overfeed system with air-cooled condensers, which provided a 90 percent reduction in total ammonia charge. In addition, moving from evaporative to air-cooled condensers increased energy use by 5 percent to 10 percent but provided overall savings as there are no water procurement, treatment or disposal costs.