In 2016, many of the most-read news stories in industrial process cooling related to three trends: innovative products, industrial refrigeration using ammonia, and changing regulations. Take a look at the biggest news on in 2016: 

1. Antimicrobial Products Integrated in Cooling Tower Design to Guard Operators from Legionella. Cooling towers incorporate antimicrobial materials to combat Legionella bacteria.

2. Two Dairies Settle with EPA Over Ammonia Violations. Federal environmental violations at dairies using ammonia refrigeration resulted in more than $200,000 in fines.

3. Lessons Learned from the Investigation into Ammonia Release. Published in 2015, the final report on a 2010 anhydrous ammonia release    continued to grab attention.

4. Refrigeration Systems Installed in Cold Storage Facility. A cold storage facility installs low charge ammonia, packaged refrigeration solution.

5. Indicator Alerts Operator that PRV Has Relieved. A pressure-relief valve indicator made waves at the 2016 International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration conference.

6. Ammonia Leak from Transport Vehicle Sends 1 to Hospital. In April, a transport truck carrying anhydrous ammonia in Stewardson, Ill.,  released 19 tons of anhydrous ammonia.

7. Evaporative Cooling Technology Focus of February Conference. Cooling Technology Institute’s conference and its focus on evaporative heat             transfer, cooling towers and cooling water treatment attracted attention.

8. Johnson Controls, Tyco Merge. Merger creates company focused on building products and technology, integrated solutions and energy storage.

9. Electronic Valve Reported to Increase Industrial Refrigeration System Efficiency. An electronic valve incorporates application-specific modulating plug designs and user-definable control speeds.

10. Ammonia Refrigeration System Users Should Review New IIAR 2 Standard. ANSI/IIAR 2-2014 sets the minimum requirements for industry compliance.