The Calflo line of fluids is suited for use in liquid-phase applications between 620 and -40°F (326 and -40°C), in both open and closed systems. The four formulations meet the performance, environmental, health and safety needs of a range of processing applications. The heat transfer fluids provide thermal and oxidative stability for longer fluid life and enhanced equipment stability. Nontoxic, the fluids are safer for workers, the environment and the bottom line. Calflo AF is suited for applications up to 600°F (316°C); Calflo LT is suited for single-fluid applications up to 500°F (260°C); Calfo HTF is suited for applications up to 620°F (326°C); and Purity FG is suited for food grade applications up to 620°F (326°C). The company also offers flushing fluid and cleaning fluid that complement its low temperature heat transfer fluid line.