Maintaining low moisture content in low and high temperature heat transfer applications is crucial to attaining or maintaining designed system efficiency. Series DYD provides an effective moisture-removal solution for hydrocarbons, silicone oils and transformer oils (insulation oil). The high capacity molecular-sieve-based systems offer easy handling. Moisture, which can enter into a fluid system due to improper seals, system leaks, improper handling or malfunctioning dryers, can cause system failures. When the fluid is operated below freezing point, moisture in the hydrocarbons can form ice crystals that may clog valves and form a coating on heat exchanger surfaces. This can affect the operational efficiency of the refrigeration system. In high temperature applications, the presence of moisture can cause steam, which may increase internal pressure and result in an eruption. Additionally, moisture in the hydrocarbon- and silicone-based heat transfer fluid causes the formation of acids, resulting in metal corrosion and damage to the gasket materials. The company can help determine the appropriate moisture-removal solution for your application.