Penthouse Evaporators are intended for refrigerated or frozen storage areas.  Rooftop-mounted freezer systems contain air-cooling evaporators and fan systems enclosed in a highly insulated cabinet. Rooftop penthouse evaporators for refrigerated or frozen storage areas are an alternative to smaller indoor ceiling-hung units. Benefits include the ability to maximize storage space. Penthouse units eliminate ceiling-mounted units in storage rooms, leaving more usable space for storage racks. No piping in occupied areas minimizes potential for product damage or employee injury due to refrigerant (ammonia) leaks. They offer lower installation costs because fewer larger rooftop evaporators (vs. many small ceiling-hung evaporators) are required. Therefore, fewer electrical and piping connections are needed. They provide easier access and safer working conditions (no need for ladders or lifts to access equipment) for maintenance personnel and large access doors for easy entry. Eliminate equipment damage with rooftop mounting — evaporators, ammonia piping and valves cannot be damaged by forklifts.

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