Cryogenic bottom-injection nozzles with self-sealing injectors may help prevent food product from penetrating injector orifices. The BI nozzles were designed to help processors of meat, poultry and other foods improve food safety and productivity in mixer chilling operations.

Developed by Linde LLC, the Lixshooter injectors can rapidly chill ground meat and poultry mixes as well as wet food or wet ingredient blends.  With a dual-cryogen option, the injectors can chill with either liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (CO2). The dual-cryogen option makes it possible for processors to switch between LIN and CO2 quickly.

The design conforms to the hygienic design principles of the American Meat Institute (AMI). The hygienic design is expected to reduce the time and labor required for maintenance and sanitation in food processing facilities.

“By replacing existing bottom-injectors with our new injection system, processors can upgrade mixer chilling production without the high capital outlay for a new mixer or blender,” says Mark DiMaggio, head of food and beverage, Linde Americas.