Baltimore Aircoil Co.

Industrial-Grade Modular Cooling Tower

Series 5000 is designed for industrial dirty water applications where performance, reliability and ease of maintenance are critical. Using the company’s Enduraflow heat transfer system, which includes splash fill, the cooling tower is able to withstand clogging from dirty water. Its modular installation makes it possible to replace field-erected towers with a modular cooling tower in less time. The variable-speed, direct-drive Enduradrive fan system minimizes maintenance and downtime. Flow ranges from 425 to 4,500 gal/min. 

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Dry Coolers Inc.

Evaporative Cooling with Packaged Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling towers evaporate water and take the excess heat with it. Automated cooling pumps activate in stages as required to meet changing process flow demand. A PLC with touchscreen control and instrument display provides diagnostics, datalogging and communication with plant’s master system. Cooling towers provide cooling offer significant water savings when compared with using tap water cooling options. Standard package size cooling towers range from 15 to 425 tons. Options include stainless steel or fiberglass construction. The company also can provide pumping and filtration solutions to integrate the cooling tower with the rest of the process.

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Midwest Cooling Tower Services LLC

Modular Cooling Towers Meet Temporary or Permanent Needs

More refiners and chemical producers are using rental cooling towers as a way to reduce risk and stay at full rates when forced to do cooling tower repairs outside of a turnaround. Modular cooling towers are designed to scale up or down based on cooling demand. The modules can be installed safely and, in most cases, they can be tied into the cooling water return line easily. Once the connection is made, hot water can be diverted to the rental towers and gravity-fed back into the tower basin. With 30 years of working as an embedded contractor in one of the largest refineries in the world, the company asserts its value lies in being willing and able to do the hard task of dealing with every facet of the life of a cooling tower.

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Air Solution Co.

Cottonwood Filter Screens for Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Chillers

Cottonwood filter screens eliminate clogging of fill and strainers as well as sludge buildup in cooling towers. Less contamination means facilities can avoid cleaning solvents and power washing of chiller or condenser coils. Facilities can save annually in energy, downtime, lost productivity and maintenance costs. Compatible with all mechanical equipment brands, the air-intake filter screens are offered in 10 styles. From small condenser and chiller coils to large cooling towers and intake openings that require fast setup or take down, air-intake filtration systems can protect valuable equipment from airborne debris.

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Midwest Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Engineering and Design

Pre-engineered and custom counterflow and crossflow cooling tower designs include a range of fill design options to suit the application. Tower structures can be constructed of wood and fiberglass-reinforced polyester composite. Custom cell sizes are offered to fit an existing basin.

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Brentwood Industries Inc.

High Efficiency Drift Eliminators for Cooling Towers

Model CF80MAx and XF80MAx offer drift-removal efficiency and 0.0005 percent drift loss. The drift eliminators are engineered for counterflow (CF80MAx) and crossflow (XF80Max) applications, allowing maximum drift-removal efficiency and minimum pressure drop. The modules are constructed of a series of sinusoidal-shaped, corrugated PVC sheets that are mechanically assembled to mating sinusoidal structural waves, forming closed cells. These cells force the drift droplets being carried in the exiting airstream to make three distinct changes in direction. These forced changes to the airflow create centrifugal forces on the droplets. The centrifugal forces remove them from the airstream by causing them to impact the module walls, collect and drain back to the wet section of the tower.

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Composite Cooling Solutions LP

Fiberglass Crossflow Cooling Tower for Mission-Critical Applications

Model 3000XLF is designed for light industrial and mission-critical process projects requiring 1,000 to 3,000 tons in a crossflow configuration. Available in 21 sizes with fiberglass-reinforced polyester, stainless steel or concrete basin, the cooling tower can be built to match the project footprint, weight and performance requirements.  The standard structure with large 6x6” “power columns” offers rigidity with no requirement for scheduled retorqueing of the stainless steel connectors. As with all the company’s designs, all columns are anchored to the basin, regardless of basin material. 

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Delta Cooling Tower Inc.

Antimicrobial Cooling Tower Helps Minimize Legionella Risk

According to test results from Special Pathogens Laboratory, the AM cooling tower displays the only anti-microbial efficacy against Legionella bacteria out of all the common cooling tower materials. The industrial cooling tower shell is constructed of antimicrobial HDPE resin. Fully compounded throughout the resin, the material reportedly resists biofilm growth and withstands aggressive chemical treatments.

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SPX Cooling Technologies

Conserve Water and Reduce Plume with Abatement Technology

ClearSky improves cooling tower efficiency, conserves water and reduces unwanted water vapor plumes when integrated with Marley field-erected counterflow cooling towers. Both new and existing cooling towers can reduce visible plume utilizing ClearSky technology. A fully integrated system, the plume abatement technology uses a series of PVC heat exchanger modules in the tower plenum to condense the moisture in ambient air before it exits the tower, thereby reducing the visible plume. Using the technology, it is possible to achieve water savings of up to 30 percent. Instead of water vapor being released into the air, it is reclaimed and used in the cooling tower system.

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