Water cooling, evaporative heat transfer equipment such as cooling towers, and cooling water treatment remain the focus of the Cooling Technology Institute’s annual conference. The meeting will take place February 5-9 at the Sheraton New Orleans. Head to the Big Easy to learn the latest about industrial evaporative cooling technologies.

  • On February 6 and 7, the conference program includes a concurrent technical session schedule where two will run simultaneously. Topics include:  Current microbiological control techniques in cooling tower water systems and why they may not be controlling Legionella bacteria.
  • Choosing a biocide program for a recirculating cooling system.
  • Whether rusted surfaces can be effectively passivated to reduce further corrosion.
  •  Proper water distribution to ensure cooling tower performance.
  • Biofouling control in industrial water systems.
  • A nondestructive evaluation of the structural elements of cooling
  •  towers.         
  • Modelling lead and copper corrosion and solubility.     
  • Technology to abate the visible plume from an existing cooling tower.
  • Reducing the risks of transmitting Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Controlling yellow metal corrosion.
  • Using mixed-oxidant solutions (MOS) in industrial cooling water  systems.
  • Using direct-drive technology in wet cooling towers.
  • Cooling tower design for high wind-load conditions.

Cooling tower fill technology and fan blade developments are topics of several sessions. Among the cooling tower fill sessions are presentations on novel methods to characterize cooling tower fill fire resistance; biofouling characteristics of contemporary trickle and modular splash fills; and time- and temperature-dependent mechanical behavior of polypropylene fills. Fan blade geometry takes center stage during sessions on the inspection, repair and maintenance of fiberglass-reinforced polyester cooling tower fan blades; fan blade dynamics; and understanding how the blade’s mechanical and physical characteristics affect them.

After a day and a half of technical paper presentations, CTI will host both a panel discussion on water treatment and an owner-operator session in the afternoon on Tuesday. Later that day, all attendees can reconvene at a tabletop exhibition and meet with equipment and service providers to learn more about current evaporative heat transfer and water treatment technologies.

On Wednesday, the half-day educational session takes an in-depth look at three topics: cooling tower system environmental issues and regulatory challenges; an economic and performance evaluation of wet and dry cooling technologies; and selection considerations for factory-assembled vs. field-erected cooling towers.

For additional information and to register, visit www.cti.org.