Model A4t pressure regulators and S4A solenoid valves are suitable for refrigeration applications in cold storage warehouses, food-and-beverage production plants, liquid chillers and marine refrigeration. Functionally and dimensionally, the stainless steel A4t line replaces similar models from traditional steel and iron valve manufacturers. The available configurations provide precise modulation in many refrigeration applications: pressure, electric shut-off, electric wide opening, defrost relief, outlet pressure, temperature and dual pressure, plus solenoid valves for liquid, suction or hot gas. Constructed of lightweight stainless steel for optimal resistance to corrosion, the A4t control valves are designed to withstand the high pressure and harsh conditions of refrigeration systems. Sizes 0.75 to 1.25” are available for weld-in-line, flanged or ODS copper connections. All models have been approved for compatibility with standard refrigerants, including NH3, CO2 and fluorinated gases.

Hantemp Controls