Walchem’s W600 Controller still has the powerful programming to give you complete control of chemical metering pumps and valves in a broad range of water treatment applications, with a few very valuable updates!

  • New combination Sensor Input and Analog Input board that adds even more flexibility
  • Modbus/TCP communications
  • Graphing capability is now extended to web pages as well as the local display
  • Two Virtual Inputs that are calculated from two real inputs (cycles of concentration, % rejection, etc.)
  • PID control using Pulse or  Analog outputs
  • On and Off Delays added to some control algorithms
  • Lead/Lag control of up to 6 relay outputs
  • Intermittent Sampling for boilers without using a trapped sample
  • Added a 2nd flowmeter input to the Feed Timer control algorithm
  • Antimony pH sensor support
  • Ability to restore default settings
  • Chinese and Taiwanese languages
  • Ability to choose to feed the last missed Biocide after an interlock
  • Ability to set the flow total to match the meter’s register 
  • Total support for eService Reports 
  • Modified Bleed/Feed and % Timer algorithms so a feed cycle doesn’t begin immediately after and interlock clears 
  • Improved system stability 
  • Improved sensor speed of response

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