Hygienically designed injectors and an automated box chiller can help processors improve temperature control while meeting goals for enhancements in hygiene and food safety.

Hygienic injectors are designed to seal out wet products and food particles. The self-sealing injectors mount flush with the internal surface of the mixer to eliminate or minimize areas that could harbor moisture or foodborne pathogens. Lixshooter injectors conform to the hygienic design principles of the North American Meat Institute, and they can be used with almost any existing mixer, blender or kettle, according to the manufacturer, Linde LLC.

An automated box chilling system can quickly chill meat, poultry, seafood and other perishable foods directly in their packing boxes with CO2 snow, produced on demand. Designed and built to meet USDA requirements, the Accu-Chill system chills with high process repeatability from box to box. The automated system is suited for operations that manually pack boxes with CO2 dry ice pellets and where over- or under-filling creates temperature inconsistencies.  

Linde LLC will display both products at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta January 31 through February 2. The company will also highlight its impingement freezer, which can freeze 300 percent more than a standard cryogenic tunnel freezer of similar length.