U.S. Patent #9,518,328 was granted to Cortec Corp. on December 13th, 2016, for its CorroLogic VpCI filler.

CorroLogic VpCI was designed at the request of a North American pipeline corrosion engineering group in search of a product that would protect annular void spaces between pipelines and their casings. The two-part filler product, when mixed and pumped into structural void space, turns into a gel that fills and protects the space from long-term corrosion using Cortec’s vapor phase corrosion-inhibiting technology. It also provides resistance to bacterial corrosion and prevents infiltration of air and water inside the filled structures.

Made of biodegradable materials, CorroLogic VpCI is non-toxic, nonflammable, and nitrite- and phosphate-free.  It represents the 63rd patent awarded to Cortec since its founding in 1977.