James T. Blakeman & Co., a U.K.-based manufacturer of sausage and meat products, upgraded its plant with its fourth spiral freezer. The company aimed to increase capacity and optimize hygiene procedures. Starfrost, together with parent company Star Refrigeration, designed, manufactured and installed a Glacier spiral system.

The freezing system combines Star Refrigeration’s Helix spiral freezer technology and a low carbon ammonia refrigeration plant in single package. With a stainless steel dual-conveyor belt around a single rotating drum – with 28 tiers in total – the Helix has a processing capacity of ~1984 lb/hr (900 kg/hr) of cooked sausages. The dual twin belt is equipped with an optional side guard that allows Blakeman to process various products simultaneously.

Blakeman, which manufactures approximately 23,150 tons (21,000 metric tons) of product annually, installed the equipment at its recently built 40,000 ft2 facility in Staffordshire.