Corval Constructors Inc. (CCI), a Corval Group company, renewed its ASME and NBBI code certifications through January 2020.

The U Certification Mark indicates CCI is certified to construct pressure vessels according the ASME Section VIII codes. The R-Stamp indicates CCI is certified to repair pressure vessels under the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors for ASME code vessels. Also, the S Certification Mark indicates that CCI is certified to construct and assemble power boilers and high pressure piping according the ASME B31 codes.

A rigorous quality control manual, procedures and inspection are required to maintain the certifications. CCI and its processor companies (NewMech Inc. and Axel Newman) have held the certifications continuously for more than 30 years.

St. Paul, Minn.-based Corval Group, which celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2016, is a full-service industrial general contractor and engineering firm.