As the largest exposition dedicated to the ammonia and natural refrigeration industry, the annual IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference and Expo provides a unique opportunity for engineers, end users, wholesalers, manufacturers and contractors involved in natural refrigeration using ammonia and carbon dioxide to gather, learn and share. The 2017 IIAR conference and exposition incudes IIAR’s triennial heavy equipment show, which means equipment manufacturers can showcase full-size compressors, condensers, chillers, heat exchangers and other industrial refrigeration equipment in person. Head to the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the event’s host hotel, Grand Hyatt San Antonio, both located in downtown San Antonio, on February 26-March 1.

At the annual meeting of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, opportunities for industrial refrigeration education abound.

On Sunday, IIAR will host a half-day course on Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices (RAGAGEP) requirements. Intended to educate attendees on the required documentation for the process safety information element of PSM/RMP regulations as well as the application of RAGAGEP for new and existing facilities, the session will be presented by several speakers. Though the registration fee for this session is charged in addition to the regular conference program, each attendee will receive CEU credits for his or her participation.

At the core of the four-day program is the technical program. On Monday, February 27, the technical conference agenda includes peer-reviewed technical paper presentations, experiential workshops and interactive panels. Attendees can earn PDH and CEU credits. IIAR also will host an International Program with paper presentations in Portuguese and Spanish. Technical paper topics include:

  • Refrigerant quality measurement and demand defrost methods.
  • Applying NH3 design principles to CO2 systems.
  • Parallel compression for low charge systems.
  • Code requirements for evaluating rooftop equipment and their supports.
  • An assessment of lubricants for ammonia and carbon dioxide refrigeration systems.
  • A method for determining best economic pipe size for ammonia refrigeration piping.
  • Refrigeration applications utilizing liquid desiccant dehumidification systems.
  • Studying the energy consumption of CO2/NH3 cascade industrial refrigeration systems operating in Costa Rica and a comparison with direct ammonia systems in one- and two-stage configurations.
  • Energy performance of low charge, central-type, dual-stage NH3 refrigeration systems.      

In addition, eight technical workshop presentations will include contract management best practices; troubleshooting advice from  a large processing facility; improved oil filtration; implementing management of change; commercial refrigeration applications; the North American Sustainable Refrigerant Council; the essentials of a green cold chain facility; an indirect refrigeration hydraulic loop; and investment strategies.

Other events planned during the event include exhibitor-sponsored technomercial presentations; IIAR committee meetings; code and regulatory update luncheon; panel discussions and networking opportunities during hosted breakfasts, breaks, lunches, receptions and banquets. On Wednesday, two panel presentations will look at research and governmental issues.

Throughout the four-day event, the exhibition hall will play host to manufacturers displaying industrial refrigeration system products and services. Attendees can see first-hand some of the industrial refrigeration technologies they’ve learned about elsewhere. Each booth will be staffed with engineers experienced with ammonia refrigeration to help attendees learn more about exhibitors’ capabilities. For more information about the 2017 IIAR Natural Refrigeration Conference and Heavy Equipment Expo, visit

Ammonia  Leak Detection

ATI designs and manufactures a complete line of ammonia gas detectors, both fixed and portable. Additionally, we produce gas detectors for 32 other toxic and combustible gases.

IIAR Booth 902

Analytical Technology Inc. 

6 Iron Bride Drive Collegeville, PA  19462


Ammonia  Compressor Pack 

BITZER’s Ammonia Compressor Pack (ACP) promises high efficiency at full and part load operation with high reliability.  The modular design of the ACP combines two or three compressors, a common oil separator, and a frequency inverter to provide a broad range of operation in high, medium or low temp applications.    

IIAR Booth 223



North America’s Largest Industrial Refrigeration Contractor 

CIMCO Refrigeration offers full-service capabilities in engineering, design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial, process cooling and recreational refrigeration systems. For more than 100 years, and with key locations across North America, CIMCO has provided customized cooling solutions and service to meet our client’s needs.    

IIAR Booth 724 & 726

CIMCO Refrigeration Inc.

Sam Gladis



Low Charge Ammonia Evaporators 

Colmac DX Subcooler assemblies are designed to provide liquid subcooling and pressure reduction for installation of Colmac ADX™ Low Charge Ammonia Evaporators. Subcooler assemblies are offered in three sizes up to 700 evaporator tons and are built around fusion welded compact plate heat exchangers for a minimum ammonia charge.    

IIAR Booth 509

Colmac Coil


Fax 509-684-8331

Industrial Refrigeration 

With more than 80 years of experience in the global refrigeration business, Danfoss develops and supplies the right products for advanced, environmentally friendly cooling installations. With our wide range of components for Industrial Refrigeration, Danfoss delivers all valves for any project, reducing complexity and optimizing project deliveries.     

IIAR Booth 529



Fax 410-931-8256

Closed-Circuit Coolers 

Developed by one of the industry’s most experienced teams of engineers, EVAPCO’s ECO line of closed-circuit coolers is designed to conserve critical resources. All models include our Ellipti-fin® spiral fin coil, which increases efficiency, and can be optimized with our Pulse-Pure® water treatment system. Visit to discover how these coolers can work for you.    

IIAR Booth 209



New Low Charge Central System 

Frick, the leader in industrial refrigeration equipment, introduces its ingenious new Low Charge Central System – an exclusive, patented process which offers greater safety and security for your employees, greater protection from inventory damage, and greater peace of mind, knowing you have installed the highest standard of industrial refrigeration equipment.

 IIAR Booth 235

Frick Industrial Refrigeration


Refrigeration Valves

HANTEMP Controls manufactures a broad line of refrigeration duty Stainless Steel Controlled Ball Valves, Pressure Regulators, Solenoid Valves, Float Switches, Flanged Unions and Service Valves.  The products never require rust preventing plating or painting and are promptly available at a modest premium to ordinary steel.

IIAR Booth 618

Hantemp Controls


Packaged Refrigeration Systems 

At M&M Refrigeration we have designed, manufactured, installed and serviced equipment and controls for over 45 years. With equipment offerings ranging from CO2 Cascade Systems, to PACKCHILL, our line of low charge packaged ammonia chillers, M&M has the expertise to meet your industrial refrigeration needs.  WE LIKE IT CO2LD.    

IIAR Booth 130

M&M Refrigeration


Decrease Energy Consumption and Noise with EMAX4™ High-Efficiency Fan

Multi-Wing’s EMAX4 Fan offers up to 77 percent total efficiency. EMAX4 has a computer-optimized blade design for maximum performance. Customized for your requirements, EMAX4 decreases noise by 2 to 3 dB and reduces energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, chillers, cooling towers and evaporators.

IIAR Booth 508

Multi-Wing America, Inc. 


Fabrication Billets 

Owens Corning FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Pipe Insulation is the right solution for cold temperature insulation. Excellent thermal, moisture and compressive properties, combined with quality fabricators, makes choosing FOAMULAR XPS an easy decision. Owens Corning has the quality, technical support and service needed to meet the challenges of the low temperature market.    

IIAR Booth 829

Owens Corning

(248) 449-8801

Hygienic Air Handlers for Ammonia Refrigeration

Phoenix Air Systems manufactures industrial hygienic air handlers to the ammonia refrigeration market for food processing facilities. Part of a facility’s food safety and HAACP plan, hygienic air handlers provide fresh, filtered air, room cooling/pressurization, condensation control, dehumidification, heated clean-up cycle, sequential defrost and integrated Allen Bradley PLC controls.

IIAR Booth 134

Phoenix Air Systems