When an HVAC cooling tower atop the Wedge Tower in Houston needed to be rebuilt, corrosion protection tapes were put to use to ensure the fix lasted. The petrolatum tape system, manufactured by Denso North America Inc., was used to provide long-term corrosion protection on all of the piping, valves, flanges and other components.

Local contractor MFR Fluid & Air installed the petrolatum tape system after a quick training session from a Denso representative. The scope of work began with minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP-2/SSPC SP-3). The corrosion protection tapes were applied as follows:

  • A thin layer of Denso paste S105.
  • Densyl tape with a 55 percent overlap.
  • A protective layer of HDPE outerwrap with SmartBand strapping.

For irregular areas such as flanges and valves, profiling mastic also was applied to provide a smooth profile over which to tape. In areas with mastic, the tape and strapping were top coated with Denso Weathershield 15 in place of the HDPE outerwrap.